Friday, 25 November 2016

Going to the movies

Today room 8,7 and 6 went to the movie we went to see the secret life of pets.It was fun there was a dog called max and he was looking for and room mate when he was little.So there was a lady called kat and got him from a box the said a free dog and she got him and they had lots of fun.When he got bigger kat when and came home with a big dog and she called he duke.When they went to bed max was try to tell kat that duke took his bed.But kate told him that they will play torrwmow.Duke heard max and duke said to max is he try to got him out.So dake said he dose not want to get anrgy and he was scareing max.So duke went on max's bed and went to seep.They max went  to bed on the foor.The next day max and duke got lossed and the lied about killing there orw's.My two favoiute part was when 
buddy and gidget said that max is her boyfriend and buddy said no buddy call him that and my other on was the sausage one that was so cool.I liked that movie it was cool       

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